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PEFC Multiple Site Certification


Efficiently manage & certify your diverse operations under the PEFC CoC standard, ensuring sustainable & sourcing of forest products: PEFC Multiple Site Certification.

What is PEFC Multiple Site Certification?

Assuming that your organization has exercises in more than one area, PEFC Multiple Site Certification empowers you to accomplish the PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification) certificate for all areas in a single certification, without the need to exclusively guarantee each different area.

For some organizations, for example, multinationals, franchise organizations with multiple locations, and traders with numerous outlets, it tends to be a costly and ideal undertaking to acquire a PEFC chain of custody certification for each site.

For this reason, we see a PEFC multi-site certificate, empowering every one of the various areas (or “sites”) of an organization where the PEFC-CoC Multi-Site Certification practices are completed, to be covered by the best multi-site endorsement. The locations could be situated in more than one country.

How Does it Work?

The PEFC Multiple Site Certification is overseen and constrained by your “central office” – this could be your base camp or another area. Whichever you pick, the focal office should have a lawful or legally binding connection with all sites, empowering the focal office to uphold restorative activities on the destinations, when important.

Your central office has a few obligations. Two of the main ones are to give essential direction and data to the destinations and to work an inward examining program. You want to assess the right evaluation of the PEFC CoC Multi Site Standard by all sites on a yearly premise, and also actually take a look at any new destinations that should be remembered for the extent of your certificate.

Benefits of PEFC Multiple Site Certification

  1. Proficient Implementation: The central service of the PEFC chain of custody takes into consideration a more predictable and productive execution of the chain of custody across all sites.
  2. Decreased Costs:  The outer review of the multi-site endorsement covers an example of all destinations covered by the certification.

The central office is in every case part of the outer review, and the PEFC Multiple Site Certification body will take a look at the quality and consequences of the interior review in that process.

Check the PEFC Chain of Custody Standard Version

In January 2020, PEFC distributed the most recent forms of the PEFC Chain of Custody (ST 2002) and PEFC Brand names (ST 2001) regulations. These guidelines went into force on 14 February 2020, with a 30-month progress period. This means that until 14 August 2022, there are two renditions of the PEFC Multiple Site Certification Chain of Custody standard: the most recent adaptation from 2020 and the more established form from 2013. As of now, it is feasible to be ensured against either standard rendition.

PEFC Multiple Site Requirements:

Before beginning to fulfill the PEFC in UAE requirements, you should pick which standard variant you wish to be certified against. To get a PEFC chain of custody certificate, you want to satisfy specific key necessities.

  • Your administration framework illustrating methodology should follow the PEFC Global Chain of Authority standard (PEFC ST 2002).
  • You can coordinate this data into the current frameworks your organization might have previously executed, for example, ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 techniques.
  • You really want to recognize, brief and train the faculty liable for playing out the errands that will influence the execution and upkeep of the chain of guardianship; this incorporates purchasers, advertising and deals staff, among others.
  • It is indispensable to guarantee that everybody in question has fitting information on the reason and necessities of chain of care affirmation.
  • You should carry out the essential checks to confirm that obtained material is PEFC guaranteed – the creation of ensured products requires the acquisition of affirmed material.

PEFC Multiple Site Process:

Whenever you have gone through all the preliminary work and set up your chain of guardianship framework, you are prepared to apply for PEFC affirmation.

  • The Certificate Body : In the first place, find a PEFC-perceived certificate body in your nation and reach out to them. You can look for accreditation bodies utilizing our internet-based data set. You should make an application for PEFC Multiple Site Certification with your preferred accreditation body. Assuming that you have set up your chain of guardianship framework by the prerequisites from the 2020 Chain of Authority standard, inquire as to whether they can offer certificates against this norm.
  • The Review : Sort out for the affirmation body to survey your chain of authority framework against the Chain of Care standard, making sure that you have satisfied all necessities. This will incorporate a site visit by reviewers from the certificate body to survey your compliance.
  • The Certification: If the confirmation body views your chain of care framework as consistent with the certificate prerequisites, it will give you a PEFC endorsement. To recharge your certificate upon expiry of the testament, you will be expected to go through a re-certificate review.

Strength of Ascent EMIRATES

Organizations with more than one working site meet all requirements for a multi-site certificate. Ascent suggests you consider multi-site affirmation when you have at least three destinations. In practically all cases, a multi-site declaration will set aside your cash when you have at least six destinations.

  1. Records Expected to Apply For FSC CoC Multiple Site Certification in UAE
  2. There are a couple of reports required while applying for FSC certificate
  3. An outline of your organization’s ranger service practices and how they meet the necessities of the Forest Stewardship Council.
  4. An overall application structure should be finished and endorsed by an approved delegate of your organization.
  5. The third report is intended for your organization’s administration framework and layouts of how it meets the necessities of the certificate standard.
  6. Supporting documentation, for example, forest executives’ Plans, Collecting Plans, Environment Life board Plans, and so on.

Strength of Ascent EMIRATES:

With our broad ability in the confirmation business, Ascent is the right accomplice for your PEFC Accreditation. With our simple certificate process, we help you on your way to an effective PEFC Certificate and will offer you skilled guidance by all means. 

Likewise, you will profit from our enormous organization of specialists and from the valuable chance to be placed in our data set as a testament holder after your certificate. The information base is refreshed consistently.

Exhibit and report your practical and mindful administration of the important asset and unrefined substance wood. Make a meeting with our specialists today.

Ascent EMIRATES can help you get into PEFC Multiple Site Certification in UAE, Oman, & Saudi Arabia, today! So, connect with our expert advisory team @ to learn more. Dial : +971-4-4558490 to avail Best Offers.

We invite you to reach Ascent Today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How is compliance guaranteed across multiple sites?

Associations should lay out and keep a framework to guarantee that all destinations conform to the PEFC chain of care prerequisites. This incorporates steady techniques, documentation, and preparing programs.

Q2. Is there a limit to the number of sites that can be included in PEFC Multiple Site Certificate?

There is no severe cutoff to the number of sites that can be remembered for a solitary PEFC Different Site Certificate. Be that as it may, each site should be qualified and meet PEFC prerequisites.

Q3. What is the cycle for adding another site to a current PEFC Multiple Site Accreditation?

Adding another site includes an appraisal to guarantee compliance with PEFC chain of authority necessities. When endorsed, the new site is remembered for the current accreditation.

Q4. Is there a particular norm for PEFC Different Site Certificates?

PEFC Multiple Site Certification is directed under the PEFC chain of custody standard, which frames the prerequisites for following and recording the progression of certified material.


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