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Stages in GOST R


Navigate the Intricate Stages in GOST R Certification Effortlessly, Creating & Regularly Making Updates: Stages in GOST R in Dubai

The Act N 2300-1, passed on 7 February 1992 lays the status of two organizations: Rosstandart (the regulatory and certification body of the Russian Federation) and the National Customs Committee (GTK) and is responsible for creating and regularly making updates to a listing of items that require the GOST Standard approval.

The Federal Law N 104 from 2002’s close and its subsequent amendments, set out the structure of the GOST Standard law. It is a thorough and precise regulations in the continuously updated technical regulations, which are issued by the federal agency that is the one who issues GOST R Marking Certification.

GOST R Certificate:

The procedure for the issuance of the certificate is broken down into various phases:

  • Customs classification of products under the nomenclature for customs or the HS Russian system
  • Identification of the various types of products
  • Investigation into GOST R law
  • The Medical Exam, the Metric exam, or whatever else the law calls for.
  • Tests successfully completed and protocols as specified in GOST Statement of Standard Release Certificate GOST R when is required by law.

All of these aspects are covered in in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan our service and our customers need to not worry about any of them.

In addition to the generally referred to as GOST R Certificate in Abu Dhabi, there is also the new Technical Regulation (GOST TR) which combines the features and has more publicity.

Most in the case of Gost R regulation was since 2011 ruled out through EAC regulation. EAC regulations in The Eurasian Custom Union

GOST-R Defines the Set Technical Standards:

This is known as a conformity certification also known as a quality certificate. It is required for selling and marketing of Russia. Russian country. The certification proves that the product meets the requirements for trading within the Russian’s country. The certificate can only be issued by an accredited certification body. 

It is a mandatory required for every industrial machine in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan as well as consumer products. 

Note: GOST-R certificate is divided in two sections: One shipment certificate is valid for one year, while Serial Production Certificate is valid for one to three years.

Declaration Of Conformity As A Form Of Mandatory Conformity Assessment 

The declaration of conformity, which is an alternative to obligatory conformity assessment is conducted in a similar manner to the steps above however, the person applying is responsible for obtaining evidence (obtaining an examination report, or an action of production analysis, should it be required). The certification body in this instance examines only the evidence base and then registers an official declaration.

A voluntary certification under GOST R is a voluntary certification process. GOST R System is done to verify conformity with the requirements of the state’s standards, construction regulations or norms as well as technical specifications. It may also include other documents of technical nature for the goods, works, and services that are offered by the requesting party.

The process to verify the compliance of voluntary certification is the same as the process to verify the compliance of mandatory certification.

Therefore, the process of certifying products within this framework is Stages in GOST R in Dubai procedure requires expertise in the area of verification of compliance. The time required and the readiness to conduct a rigorous review of the relevant documents.

3 Stages of GOST-R in UAE:

The GOST R Certification can be divided into following 3 stages:

  1. Customs Classification of Products
  2. Identification of Products
  3. Investigation into GOST R Law

Stages in GOST R in Dubai:

Besides, the above drawn process, the certificate type also certifies mandatory within the following Stages of GOST R in UAE:

1.The application must be submitted along with the necessary document set:

      • identification documents of the requesting company;
      • Technical documentation for the products (technical description, technical instruction recipe, design documentation);
      • Operating manual, passport for each model;
      • Labels for products made in compliance with guidelines for labeling products stipulated in the regulatory documents to ensure conformity to which the assessment process is carried out;
      • test reports of products that have been certified from accredited testing laboratories
      • contract with the authorized representative of manufacturer, in the event that the product’s certification is not performed by the manufacturer
      • A copy of the contract, shipping documents.

2. The document set may not completely match the ones mentioned above according to the type of certificate (serial or consignment).

3. Selected samples of products to be certified by a representative of the certification body in the form of the act governing selection;

4. Conducting tests on specific samples of goods in a laboratory that is accredited and submitting the test report. In addition, as this is defined in the certification scheme, the certification body may evaluate the condition of production by formulating an examination of the current state of production.

5. The expert’s analysis by the body that certifies submitted documents and the test report for the products. Reports of analysis on production and, if the test results in a positive result, issue of a conformity certificate for the product and the entering of these products into the GOST State Register R.

The inspection control (once every calendar year) of the quality of the certification properties (parameters) of the products being manufactured, if it is required in the scheme of Stages in GOST R in Dubai certification.

Why Choose Ascent EMIRATES for GOST-R Certification?

Ascent is a globally acknowledged Certified Certification Body that offers the certification of management systems and products. GOST R Certification is offered in the UAE in addition to other countries across the globe. 

We have over two decades of experience as a professional in the field of performing audits and delivering GOST-R certification along with other process and product certifications. We provide comprehensive counseling to its clients (organizations/manufacturers) in order to ensure that all essential requirements are met in order to obtain the desired certification.

As such, UAE companies that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE.


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