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GOST R certification


Ensure the Quality & Safety Of Your Electric Power Supply Items By Obtaining GOST-R Certification – GOST R for Electric Power Supply.

A new GOST 32144-2014 “Norms for the power quality in general-purpose power supply systems” was introduced in relation to the parameters of electric power quality indices in light of Russia’s WTO membership and the need to balance Russian legislation with international community approaches. 

GOST R Marking in Brief:

This GOST 32144-2014 is based on the previously valid GOST 541149-2010 and takes into account the GOST R for Electric Power Supply compatibility regulations of the European Union as well as the conceptual guiding principles of the European Union’s New and Global Approach to the quality assurance problem. 

The European Standard EN 50160:2010 “Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public distribution networks” is defined as taking into consideration the main normative provisions of GOST 32144-2014, according to its authors. (Specifications of the voltage delivered by public distribution networks). 

Although the structure of the current and prior standards is the same, a preliminary investigation reveals that the norms change dramatically for a certain power quality.

To ensure compliance with contractual or regulatory GOST R Certification for Electric Power Supply Items requirements, battery testing services can determine your target market’s regulations for cells, batteries, and modules.

In today’s cutthroat global market, creating the finest quality GOST R in Ras Al-Khaimah batteries that are safe and reliable is a complex challenge. We can offer professional testing services for cells, batteries, and modules in the areas of abuse, benchmarking, durability, electrical, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), environmental, life cycle analysis, performance, safety requirements, and transportation.

The regulatory body perform GOST R for Cells and Batteries comparison testing against national and international standards, as well as battery life cycle analysis. We also conduct testing for renewable energy storage systems and energy-efficient battery management, with an increasing focus on renewables and energy efficiency.

The requirements of the European standard EN 50160: 2010 in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan are primarily intended for distribution networks of nations with unique requirements. It includes both the design of electrical networks and unique technical conditions of the networks in comparison to those of the Eurasian Union countries, including Russia.

The protection against fire, electric shock, and injury is the main objective of safety requirements for power sources used in electrical equipment. Within a specified economic area or trade zone, products meeting these requirements may be identified by a safety mark from the related standards body or by a mark demonstrating compliance with local law.

It might be challenging to comprehend the complexity and minute variations between different standards and grading systems. The main standards that pertain to power supply safety are listed in this application note, along with the organizations that oversee them and/or provide certifications and the marking strategies that can be applied to demonstrate compliance.

It is necessary to adhere to the local safety regulations in order to sell power supplies, whether internal or external, in all countries. The GOST R Certification are established and managed by national or international organizations, and a number of government-recognized testing facilities can vouch for their conformity.

Products that meet all the Eurasian Customs Union’s technical specifications are denoted by GOST R Marking in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Terminology For Safety Standards:

Various Equipment Types

Depending on how their power supply, particularly mains units, insulate secondary circuits and readily accessible parts from hazardous ac mains voltages, several kinds of equipment are classified according to safety standards:

  • Class I: Basic insulation and protective earth grounding are used in Class I Equipment to achieve electric shock protection. This mandates the connection of all conductive components to a protective earth conductor in order to prevent them from assuming a dangerous voltage in the case of a basic insulation failure.
  • Class II: equipment does not need a ground since it uses double or reinforced insulation to give protection.
  • Class IIIEquipment that runs on a SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) supply circuit has built-in protection against electric shock, since it cannot produce dangerous voltages internally.

Understanding safety regulations and the aforementioned equipment classes necessitates having a firm grasp on terms like circuit definitions, insulation kinds, and other power supply-related jargon.

Note: Notified bodies like GOST R for Accumulators of Russian National Standard for the accumulators and spare parts used in Russia.  However, on October 1, 2012, we received the Russian-TR (Technical Regulations) Standard as a result of the Russian National Standard’s modification.

Just why pick Ascent EMIRATES?

A Notified Body’s, GOST R for Electric Power Supply has responsibility is to carry out a conformity evaluation in accordance with the pertinent Directives or Regulations. The conformity assessment often entails a review of the pertinent technical documentation that the manufacturer has submitted to support the safety and performance claims for the equipment. This also involves an audit of the firm’s quality system, depending on the specific classification of the item. The technical documentation is evaluated in accordance with the Directives’ and Regulations’ Essential Requirements while taking into account the pertinent published guidelines. 

As such, Ascent EMIRATES issues certification to demonstrate that the products reviewed meet the requirements once it has decided that a producer has complied with the pertinent evaluation criteria.

Also, companies that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE. Connect to one of your consultants today, and enjoy the benefits.



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