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GOST R certification


Unleash & Elevate the True Potential of Your Vehicles with GOSTR Certified Detergents – GOST R Certificate in Russian Market.

GOST certifications are a compulsory quality certification for automobile or motorcycle detergents sold in Russia. It is administered by the Gosudarstvennyy Standart (GOST), which is the official national standards body for Russia. The certification process assures that motorbike, car and bicycle cleaners comply with the standards of safety and performance stipulated according to GOST R Certificate.

GOST R Certification Process for Motorcycle, Car and Bicycle Detergents:

GOST R Certification for Car Detergents process consists of these steps:

  1. The company that manufactures or imports the detergent has to submit a request to the body that certifies.
  2. A certification authority will test the detergent to ensure that it complies with the GOST standard.
  3. If the detergent is in compliance with the requirements of the standard, the certified body issues a certification of conformity.
  4. The detergent has to be labelled by the certification GOST mark.

It is the GOST Mark of R Certification is a visible sign that the detergent meets the requirements for safety and performance established to be met by GOST standard. It is crucial to remember the fact that GOST R Certificate is valid only in Russia. If you intend to import motorbike, car or bicycle-related detergents into Russia, it is necessary to be certified by GOST R.

Here are some specifications for motorcycle, car and bicycle cleaners which must be fulfilled for GOST R certification

  • The detergent should not be toxic and biodegradable.
  • The detergent should not harm the surface of cars bikes, motorcycles, or cars.
  • The detergent has to be effective in getting rid of grease, dirt, and other pollutants.
  • The detergent should be safe for use around pets and children.

The GOST R certification is a crucial safety measure to make sure that motorcycle, car, and bicycle cleaners are safe to usage in Russia. It’s an additional requirement to import cars, motorcycles and bicycle-related detergents into Russia. 

If you’re looking for an automobile, motorcycle, or bicycle cleaner with a safety rating and conforms to the standards in GOST, then look for one that has the mark of approval. GOST standard, search for one that bears GOST R Certificate mark.

Here are a few advantages of GOST R certification for motorcycle, car and bicycle cleaners:

  • It is a way to ensure the security of motorcycle, car and bicycle detergents to application in Russia.
  • It assists in preventing the importation of substandard or counterfeit automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle cleaning products to Russia.
  • It gives consumers the confidence that the vehicle, bike, or car detergent they use meets the safety and performance standards.
  • It could help improve the export capabilities of Russian auto, motorcycle and bicycle detergent makers.

Importance Of GOST R Certification for Motorcycle, Car, and Bicycle Cleaners:

GOST R Certificate in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan is essential for motorcycle, car, and bicycle cleaners due to various reasons, which include:

  • Safety: Motorcycle, car and bicycle cleaners may be in contact with eyes, skin and other delicate areas that are part of our body. GOST R certification assures that the detergents have been tested for safety and don’t present a health risk.
  • Performance Aspects: Car, motorcycle and bicycle cleaners need to be effective in eliminating grease, dirt and other pollutants. GOST R certification assures that the detergents meet requirements for performance.
  • Environmental impact: Motorcycle, car and bicycle cleaners may negatively impact the environment. GOST R certification guarantees that these products are made using environmentally-friendly ingredients and have minimal environmental impact.
  • Compliance GOST: certification is a required condition for automobile, motorcycle and bicycle detergents which can be purchased in Russia. If you intend to import the detergents you are importing into Russia, the products must be GOST R-certified.

When you choose to use the car, motorcycle and bicycle cleaners that are certified with been certified by GOST R for Motorcycle and Bicycle Detergents in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan will make sure that you’re using secure, efficient and eco-friendly products. You also can be sure that these products are in line with the specifications that are required by Russia market.

Here are some more tips for selecting the right car, motorcycle, or bicycle cleaners:

  • Pay attention to the label
  • Select a detergent suitable for the kind of vehicle you own
  • Try the soap in a dark location first
  • Place your detergent away in a dry, cool area

Latest Development In GOST R Certification For Car Detergent Industry:

The most recent advancement of GOST certification of R for the car detergents is the launching of a new standard called GOST R 58643-2022. The is a new version of the prior standard, GOST R 52367-2009, and also introduces brand-new standards for automobile wash detergents.

Some major changes to the new standard are:

  1. New standards for safety and performance: The new standard is a significant increase in standards for quality and safety of automotive wash detergents. This includes requirements for toxicity durability, and flammability.
  2. New environmental impacts requirements: The new standard contains new requirements regarding impacts on the environment of automobile soaps. It includes requirements on biodegradability as well as the toxicity of aquatic organisms.
  3. Manufacturers have more flexibility: The new standard gives more freedom for manufacturers to create new car detergent formulations. This is because the standard defines the performance requirements, not specific chemical compositions.

The launch of the newly-released GOST R 58643-2022 Standard is a major milestone for the auto detergent industry. This new GOST R Certification standard will assist to ensure that the car detergents that are sold in Russia have the highest standards of safety, performance as well as environmental impacts. The standard will also provide manufacturers with greater flexibility in developing new formulations for car detergents.

Also, companies that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE. Connect to one of your consultants today, and enjoy the benefits.


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