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GOST R certification


Learn to Ensures Compliance, Guarantees Product Quality, in Lucrative Russian Market with GOST R Certification for Machines.

GOST R refers to a collection of Russian standards, which are maintained through the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart). Standards of GOST R cover a broad variety of services and products, which include machinery.

The GOST R certification of conformity is compulsory in two situations:

  1. To allow the importation of products imported within Russia. Russia. It will be impossible to get through customs controls without a certification.
  2. In order to sell further items. Only those with documentation of their quality may be offered for sale.

GOST R Certification for Machines can be applied to a wide range of electrical machines, instruments, tools and glass, as well as weapons the pumps used in nuclear power plants, and other items. If your product isn’t included in the list of items that require certification as per Resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 982, dated 01.12.2009, then its registration is possible on an individual basis. This allows you to differentiate your product from those of the competition by highlighting its benefits and prove that your product is compliant with a range of quality standards.

Some Applicable GOST R Certification for Machines:

There are numerous GOST R standards which apply to machines. Some of the most popular standards are:

  1. GOST R 51333: Security of machinery. Basic concepts, general principles for design. The basics of terminology, technical concepts and specifications
  2. GOST R 51344:99 Safety of machines. Specifications for design to ensure safety
  3. GOST R52777-2007: Safety of agricultural machinery
  4. GOST R EN ISO 13218:2006 Machine-tool safety. Machines for grinding stationary
  5. GOST R EN 12840-2006 Safety of machine tools. Turning machines that are manually controlled with or without automated control

The precise GOST R standards that are applicable to a specific machine will differ based on the kind of machine and its intended usage.

To receive the GOST R for Machines of a device, it is required that the machine’s manufacturer:

  • Determine the GOST R standards applicable for their products.
  • Perform a conformity assessment process, which could involve testing, inspection, or evaluation by a notified body.
  • Make a technical document to describe the item.
  • Issue a Declaration of Conformity.
  • The product should be marked with the GOST mark.

The GOST R symbol is a clear indication that the machine is in compliance with the requirements of GOST R standards applicable to it.

GOST R Certification for Machines in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan isn’t obligatory for equipment that is sold in Russia. However, it’s often requested by clients or government regulations. GOST R certification could aid in improving the commercial viability of machines in Russia, as well as other countries that accept GOST R standards.

Absolute Pros of Getting GOST R Approval for Machinery:

Here are a few advantages of getting GOST R approval for machinery:

  • It is a way to make sure the safety of the equipment and shield the workers and customers from harm.
  • It may help ease the transfer and import of machines.
  • It will help increase the marketability of equipment in Russia, as well as other countries that have recognized GOST R standards.
  • It could help improve your brand recognition and help you sell and promote your product.

Safety of Equipment and Machines:

List of products that require certificates of conformity need to be issued in accordance with Customs Union technical regulations on machine safety.

  • Woodworking equipment for the home;
  • ATVs and snowmobiles, and their trailers;
  • Equipment for garages used by motor vehicles as well as trailers;
  • Machines for agriculture;
  • Small-sized mechanized equipment for garden and forestry, such as electric forestry machines;
  • Machines for poultry, livestock processing and farming;
  • Mechanized construction and assembly tools;
  • Equipment for engineering wood logging and timer deposit, and timber rafting
    1. Petrol saws;
    2. Electric chain saws.
  • Equipment for commerce technology as well as catering and public kitchens.
  • Equipment for cleaning and stripping work and lining for mining workings
    1. Mining combinators;
    2. Mechanized complexes;
    3. Mechanised shaft supports;
    4. Pneumatic instruments.

Machinery Certification:

Regulations are primarily based on the rules for selling and safety. The safety indicators are derived by research and development, tests and calculations. When certifying, an expert review the correct selection of materials and chemicals and the identifying of the requirements that define limit states and as well as all dangers and potential risks. 

There are requirements for manuals in which information regarding the design, the principles of operation, directions for installation, operation, and a list with the top failures should be listed.

Testing for conformity is performed by an accredited body within an accredited laboratory for testing, and the information regarding certification should be noted on the certification of the equipment.

Do You Require A Certification to Export Goods Into Russia?

It is possible to conduct certification for serial and batch items. You can find a broad option of both the material and technical resources, as well as the requirements for conducting tests in accordance with any of the plans outlined under the regulation. 

The certification process in accordance with GOST is only performed by an accredited organization which has authority to perform the purpose, and test results are made public in the official register and can be accessed to verify. When you delegate this work with our Ascent EMIRATES team, you will not doubt the legitimacy of the document you receive and can resolve your issue for a reasonable cost. 

We’ve been working on GOST Certification in UAE accreditation and have our own labs and certified staff to ensure accuracy and effectiveness in the results we get. We are here to help.

We Will Assist You to Obtain A Certification of Conformity:

The company we work for has been involved with GOST R Certification for over decades, and is now able to claim been accredited as a body. Conditions in the laboratory and the technical base enable us to carry out any type of testing that is complex for a variety of reasons. We are happy to assist you in greater specific detail about the various stages of the process as well as methods of verification.

Also, companies/organizations that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in Dubai. Connect to our Ascent EMIRATES consultants today in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan, and enjoy the benefits.


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