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Applicable to Electrical that is Connected To The Supply Chain Network – UKCA for Low Voltage Directive.

The LVD 2014/35/EU is a set safety standard that is applicable to electrical equipment that is designed for use in certain limits of voltage throughout the EU. It provides a list of safety and health measures and the harmonisation of regulations for equipment throughout the EU single market. It was ratified in the European Commission on 20 April 2016 and is applicable to all members.

What Are the Provisions of the Law?

The Low Voltage Directive, also called the UKCA for LVD refers to risks to health and safety that are related to equipment within these voltage levels for input and output:

  1. 50 to 1000 volts for alternating current
  2. 75 and 1500 volts are the recommended voltage for direct current

In these brackets of voltage, the LVD applies to the majority of items that are electrical, which includes cable management systems cables, fuses, household appliances and devices that laser as well as plugs and outlets pole voltage detectors power supply units, and switches.

The Low Voltage Directive in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan can be applied to any device that is connected to the supply chain network.

Who Enforces the Rules?

In the UK In the United Kingdom, LVD is officially regulated by The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994, and is enforced by two UK organizations. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) enforces the regulations UKCA for LVD, utilized at work or in non-domestic premises. Trading Standards Service Trading Standards Service enforces regulations when products that are LVD-related are used at home.

Latest Developments of UKCA for LVD:

The present Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU) was adopted on April 14, 2014, to bring the directive in compliance to the New Legislative Framework (NLF). It was in effect on April 20, 2016, instantly replacing the previous Directive 2006/95/EC with no time frame for transition.

This did not have any effect on manufacturers besides:

  • The exclusion of custom-built evaluation kits, ‘designed and built for professional use only in centers for research and development for these reasons’ from the directive’s scope.
  • The contents of the technical files remain the same, but there’s now a brand-new requirement to provide a thorough analysis and evaluation of risk(s) in the form of technical documents.
  • It is not, anymore, any provision to make use of a UKCA Certificate in UAE Notified Body.

Do The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations Apply to Me?

It is for commercial, residential, or industrial purposes and all electrical equipment that is covered by the rules of UKCA Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations which are put on the market, or put to service in the UK must be in compliance with.

In general, if you offer goods on the marketplace in UK and then declare them conforming to the LVD then you’ll be required to confirm conformity with The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations for all of the same products that are available from January 1st 2025 and onwards.

Key LVD Responsibility for Manufacturers:

Manufacturers are accountable for the design and production that ensures that LVD-related equipment is in compliance.

  • The LVD has four major obligations for manufacturers who apply to equipment that falls within the “LVD bracket’
  • There must be minimal chance that the product could cause personal injury or death to any human and domestic pet, as well as cause damage to property
  • It is constructed in accordance with the best engineering practices in relation to safety concerns
  • Created and built to ensure it is protected against electric shocks by using protective earthing double insulation or other equivalent
  • Built and designed in accordance to the main components of the safety goals as set out in Schedule 3 of the regulations.

Tests to Determine the Low Voltage Directive of Electrical Equipment:

UKCA for LVD in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan ensures that your products meet the harmonised standards set out by the LVD. IES offers advice and assistance throughout the Lower Voltage Directive testing procedure:

  • On-site conformity evaluation on your premises
  • Written report describing any issues with compliance
  • CE marking support, including the creation of the Technical File
  • Solutions and guidance for all corrective actions
  • The project’s timeline should be clear and expectations for pricing
  • Extensive experience working with suppliers from outside Europe.
  • Excellent health and safety standards for the workplace.

Are You Prepared to Go for UKCA Marking?

UKCA markings are effective for Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) starting 1 January 2021. So, when you put products on sale within Great Britain, you will need to attach the UKCA for Voltage Directive label (although CE marking will also be recognised for most products up to the end of 2021). This is because the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) remains a self-declaration in the context of UKCA.

In the new regulatory environment, we can provide services such as releasing reports to customers that be evidence of conformity to UK law.

Here’s Why to Get Started!!

Ascent EMIRATES is able to assist you in the preparation of the technical documentation for UKCA Certification that you require to ensure LVD conformity, which includes descriptions of the equipment specifics of operation and design, and low voltage testing methods.

We will also help you through the entire self-certification procedure, from even including a Declaration of Conformity, meaning that you will reduce the amount of time spent on compliance and increase the life-span for your electronic equipment.

As a leader in tests and solutions for ISO Certification in UAE, we provide expert technical knowledge and professional testing and certification solutions that allow you to prove that your products are compliant with the specifications in the Low Voltage Directive, plus any other directives that are applicable.


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