ISO 10007 Certification


ISO 10007 Certification process won’t take much longer when you have opted for the right personnel and agency in the UAE. Yes, availing of this certificate is easier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Al Ain.

This web page from Ascent EMIRATES explains how to find the right path for ISO 10007 Certification in the UAE.

What Do You Mean by ISO 10007 Certification?

ISO 10007 has different standards. Considering its total time of approval, it takes only 6 to 8 weeks. Ascent EMIRATES is the leading company in the UAE to deliver this ISO approval for your company by portraying several guidelines for configuration management. 

Are you aware of the facts of configuration management? Well, this ISO certification tells us about it. The entire process is about maintaining and implementing consistency of a product’s performance. an organization requires such types of support. When it is from the international organization of standardization, the procedure is quite becoming great from your company’s point of view. 

This ISO 10007 Configuration Management executes a fine impact on your company’s productivity. Yes, it delivers administrative and technical control for the life cycle of a product. The entire procedure is to maintain and enhance its performance for a lifetime. 

The promotion of ISO 10007:2017 is simple. It gets you the assistance and configuration to manage different stuff such as improvement of the quality of the product. The outlining of responsibility and authority is possible to plot with this certification. It is ideal before the proposal of different configurations of the process.

Approval of ISO 10007 Certification leads you to the best path. The common use of this certificate is in several IT services, information systems, military vehicles, civil engineering, construction, industrial industries, construction, and services. ISO 10006 won’t be the ideal choice as it is only a guidance document. So, the certification process proceeds with this ISO 10007. 

The process approach comes with ISO 10006. However, a simplified analysis is a way to guide the quality of the system in your projects. This ISO 10007 certification is an international standard to promote quality management systems in different projects of your company.

However, the entire process is divided into two parts such as:

    1. Projects related to products (design, plan, manufacturing, etc.)
    2. Project management processes 

ISO 10007 adoption from any organization in the UAE is possible. The Ascent EMIRATES has made everything possible for a company irrespective of its age, size, and geographical location. The adaptation of ISO to follow the PDCA act cycle brings you great opportunities. It enables the continuation of perfection in the processes of your organization. 

Ascent EMIRATES focuses on different principles. 

However, these are the top-order principles coming under configuration management:

  1. Configuration identification
  2. Configuration management (CM) planning and management
  3. Configuration status accounting
  4. Configuration verification and auditing
  5. Configuration control

Top-class benefits are associated with ISO 10007. They are as follows:

  1. Improvement of design, lifespan, and quality of the product.
  2. Enhances your customer satisfaction
  3. Opposes technical glitches
  4. Decreases costs of the product by delivering fine quality with perfection via a good product life cycle. 
  5. Opposes adverse consequences
  6. Completes all types of documentation and controls it. 
  7. Verifying each stuff to bring beneficial aspects in the product change process.
  8. Facilitates finest product quality management.
  9. Assures every product must meet international standards.
  10. Identifies risks earlier and captures opportunities.
  11. Prepare your company in advance. 
  1. Lack of adequate knowledge and training.
  2. Lack of motivation to follow the process.
  3. Improper ideas won’t promote the improvement of quality.
  4. Auditing, training, and quality improvement are not possible without expert guidance.
  5. Deprived knowledge of inadequacy of resources.
  6. Unprofessional personnel may raise issues.
  7. Massive documentation may exhaust employees. 
  8. The right selection of a certification body. 

No Worries – Ascent Has You to Do the Best in the UAE :

Ascent EMIRATES knows how to bring productivity with the wisest configuration management system.

With ISO 10007 Certification, we start the process:

  • Ascent offers appropriate training and develops the skills of your employees as per the guidelines of ISO 10007.
  • Ascent comes up with the motivation of your personnel that builds trust and confidence among them. 
  • Ascent delivers the best plan needed for your company to achieve the goals of ISO 10007 Configuration Management.
  • Ascent offers a reasonable ISO 10007 Certification Cost in UAE to ease the financial burden of your company. 
  • Hiring Ascent EMIRATES brings you proper knowledge about different processes of configuration management without any additional charges.
  • Ascent performs the wisest type of business profile analysis in brief and undertakes a gap analysis before designing the project outline. These steps are vital for not including repeated or non-useful documents. 
  • Ascent EMIRATES works 24×7. Yes, we offer you our valuable services in the odd hours. There is nothing that can stop your progress. 
  • Ascent goes for an in-depth analysis to promote the best result in return. The total expenditure of the entire process won’t surpass your budget figure unless you need any type of special requirements. “Not a single penny extra” is the motto that Ascent follows for each client. 

Frequently Asked Questions :

Why do you require ISO 10007 Certification?

The ISO 10007 Certification is important for your company to implement sustainable productivity and management of product performance without any lack. 

Is it possible to get ISO 10007 Configuration Management easily?

Yes, it is possible. The right way to acquire this certificate is easily available with Ascent. This agency gives you the liberty and guides you through the entire process via auditing, training, and other documentation. 

What does ISO 10007:2017 Portray?

ISO 10007:2017 is all about portraying the quality configuration management of the product of an organization. Implementing this ISO standard for your company infiltrates great expansion of your products in the UAE as well as the international market. 

What is the time required to obtain the ISO 10007 Certification?

Well, the time to issue the ISO 10007 Configuration Management certificate may take 6 to 8 weeks at least depending on the size and geographical location of your organization in the UAE. Ascent tries to get the validation as quickly as possible on behalf of clients. 



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