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Gost R for Welding Equipment


Discover the Importance of GOST R Standards for Welding Equipment for Domestic & Industrial Use – GOST R for Welding Equipment.

GOST R – The Russian National Standard) is an established standard system that governs the requirements for quality of products and services offered on the area of Russian Federation. It was created by utilizing the GOST system which was the main governing system during the period of the USSR and following its dissolution, it was implemented in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Therefore, the GOST R Certification continues to be used across the entire territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States. However, GOST R is only used within Russian Federation.

The main objective for the standards is to establish the standards that need to be met to be able to access the Russian market. They only apply to final product. This means that any product that is intended to be sold on the Russian market has to be sold with the certification of conformity with GOST R standards. ISO certificates as well as the CE mark are not enough for a product’s placement on Russia market.

Welding Electrical Equipment in Brief:

The main requirements to launch rolling steel into production is the phases of inspection prior to incoming as well as straightening, cleaning and cleaning. Every welding device, all welding technology and welding components are certified.

The company established the quality management system that is in line of GOST R for Welding Equipment.

The items that qualify to GOST R certification and can being sold within Russia are electrical engineering instrument. Type. This includes making radio engineering, domestic appliances, Lightning wares electronic meters based on watts-hours, electronic equipment, communications alarm systems, domestic electric welding tools, raw materials, substances, materials, and wares used for Domestic Electrical Welding Equipment in Dubai and industrial use.

GOST R 50379-92: The tightness of apparatus and Welding Equipment in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan to use gas welding, cutting as well as similar operations. Allowable rates for external gas leakage, and the method for their assessment

Meaning of Electric Arc Welding:

The arc welding process is a fusion welding method that requires heat to melt the metal is generated by an electric arc formed between the metal base with an electrode.

The electric arc occurs when two conductors come in contact to each other and separated by the gap of between 2 and 4 millimeters in order for the current to continue to flow, moving through air. The temperature generated through the electric arc ranges from approximately 4000 to 6000 degrees Celsius.

GOST R for Domestic Electrical Welding Equipment:

Welding Machine:

The GOST R for Welding Equipment in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan used could be an A.C. or D.C. welding machine. It is an A.C. welding machine has an auxiliary transformer that reduces the input voltage from 220-440V to between 80 and 100V. The D.C. welding machine consists of an A.C. motor-generator set or diesel/petrol engine-generator set or a transformer-rectifier welding set.

Uses of Welding Requirements & Its Critical Measures

  • Equipment for heat exchange is a significant component of process equipment in the petroleum and related industries. 
  • The proportion of equipment for heat exchange in the petroleum and petrochemical industries is around 50 percent. 
  • Most popular among other types are the heat exchangers made of shell and tube since this type of heat exchanger is excellent efficiency, reliability and a wide range of designs. 
  • The most important element of heat exchangers made of shells and tubes is a tube bundle made up of tubes that exchange heat as well as baffles, tubes, and sheets.
  • Reliability and useful life of heat exchangers like this is determined largely by similar indicators of tube-to-tube sheet joints. It is made either by rolling or rolling using GOST R for Welding Equipment (state standard of the Russian Federation).
  • Joints that are welded and rolled are employed in equipment which require greater strength and rigidity of tube-to-tube sheet joints, especially when heat exchangers operate under extreme temperatures and pressures. This may also happen where specific requirements for security against explosions and fires radioactivity, toxicity, or fire safety of the medium being used are required on the equipment for heat exchange.

More on Manufacturer of Equipment on Heat Treatment:

When it comes to the production of equipment that is used in high-temperature harsh environments, and with high mechanical stress heat-resistant chrome and chrome-molybdenum alloys belonging to the martensite classification are extensively utilized. These steels are distinguished by their ability to last for a lengthy time to provide the required performance to the components and equipment at a cost that is low. 

However, the manufacturing of welded equipment made of the steels in question is challenging due to the susceptibility of this kind of steel to harden. To avoid the formation of cold cracks in the welding process, Preheating and heat treatment are essential.

Is GOST-R A Required Marking of Certification or Electric Equipment?

GOST R Certificate in Dubai is a reference to specific industrial products or activities of the business. The certificates are issued on the basis of expert results, which means that products that passed the certification process do not have problems when it comes to registering with customs. GOST-R is a compulsory certification mark for electrical items which are to be transported to Russia. GOST-R could be compulsory or optional. The mandatory certificate is required for the importation and sale of products within the Russian Federation. The certificate that is voluntary is designed to advertise products and manufacturers on the market through sales and marketing.

How Can Ascent Help You?

Ascent EMIRATES is one of the top certification firms. It is a certification agency. The validity of a certificate indicates the reliability of a product and has been proven to boost consumer demand. 

A lot of business leaders have certified their products in accordance with GOST-R or technical regulations which is designed to increase sales regardless of whether certification is only voluntary. We’re uniquely placed to offer the necessary tools and knowledge to assist you get the approvals you require to enter Russian markets.

Also, companies that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE. Connect to one of your consultants today, and enjoy the benefits.


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