ISO 22000 Certification – Food Safety Management System

Protect and safeguard your food from any food hazards and meet the food standards with the help of the newly revised Food Safety Management System standard ISO 22000:2018

What is ISO 22000 Certification?

Every step in the food chain from farm to plate is covered under ISO 22000 certification. This is a standard that specifies the management of food from any stage during the supply chain ie. Producing, Processing, Storage, Distribution and Retailing. As food hazards can be at any stage from raw material, processing, packing, storage, transportation to consumption. To prevent this food hazard ISO 22000 was implemented by ISO International Standardisation for Organisation.

ISO 22000:2018 is aligned with ISO 9001 QMS and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).ISO 22000 some-what works with the principles of HACCP to harmonize food safety. This FSMS certificate allows us to demonstrate quality food with continual improvement in FSMS. It is for those who want to provide their customers with more relevant and aimed towards quality. The standard food management system fulfils all the statutory requirements related to food safety.

Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification to your organization

1. Customer satisfaction:

Delivering products that high in quality as well as meet the requirements of the customers builds customer repetition and they can rely on your organization for any products and services.

2. Time management:

A proper management process can help in cutting down the investigation process for checking the quality of your products.

3. Hazard control:

Following the standard ISO 22000 helps in verifying the quality at every level of the stage. Thus, we can reduce the hazards in the process of the food chain. You can commit to guarantee qualified products.

4. Continual improvements:

Constant food safety and effective management safety of food help in continual improvements in the food management system as per requirements.

5. International recognition:

Providing quality foods and products helps in branding the image of our organization internationally.

 6. Fulfilling Legal Requirements:

Implementation of ISO 22000 Certification Compliance all the statutory and legal are with the guidelines to meet food safety.

What is new in ISO 22000:2018 than ISO 22000:2005?

The updated version of ISO 22000:2018 have the numerous changes.ISO 22000:2005 will get expired in 2021, June. And the updated version needs to be transited by 2021, June 29.

  1. Closely follows the context with HACCP
  2. High-Level Structure
  3. Easier to understand FSMS
  4. Identification of risks and new techniques to solve them
  5. Simpler Plan-Do-Check-Act 

How much does the ISO 22000 Certification cost?

The cost varies from organization to organization depending upon the category your organization falls in as per the supply of the food chain, the number of employees, the scope, structure, and size of the organization. To get a free estimate of the correct costing contact us today and get to the first step towards ISO 22000 certification.

ISO 22000 Certification Requirements

Before applying to ISO 22000 Certification you need to know the requirements of the standard and ways to implement it.

It can be difficult to implement the requirements self by an organization, so many of them get the help of consultants to get the ISO certificates implemented. ISO consultants help an organization to implement the required standard and get the certificate seamlessly.

In the language of the standard, an organization needs to fulfil these requirements to obtain ISO 22000 certification. These are written in the Annex SL consisting of 10 clauses.


  • Scope: States the goal of FSMS
  • Normative References: Any interlinked standard with the application of the required standard.
  • Terms and Definition: Common definitions of the term used in the standard are described here.
  • Context of the organization: The area management wants over in the standard.
  • Leadership: Involvement of management system and leadership team.
  • Planning: Planning is done on how management will meet the desired goal with the guideline with the standard.
  • Support: Path to support the operation by management to get returns effectively.
  • Operation: Details to verify the process and track the performance.
  • Performance evaluation: Analysing the process and performance to get your organization well-achieved targets against the standard’s guideline.
  • Improvement: Making necessary improvements if required.
ISO 22000 Certification

Strength of Ascent EMIRATES

Ascent EMIRATES as a globally accepted certification provider offers you proper training testing methods, inspection techniques, verification ideology by experience, and expertise in fulfilling the guidelines of the ISO 22000 certification. Our worldwide presence will help you to access expertise auditors.

  • Ascent provides the right education and training to employees and management helps in achieving ISO 22000 Standard.
  • Ascent studies the existing management system in an appropriate manner to determine ISO 22000 conformity.
  • They utilize methods of making use of resources available in the organization to reduce the expenses.
  • Ascent works in PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) methodology to demonstrate ISO 22000 conformity.
  • Ascent EMIRATES works 24X7(even on odd days) to cater to customer needs all over the world.
  • Ascent facilitates stringent and in-depth professional training and audit. We guide you with clean budget knowledge with no single penny more and no hidden expenses.
  • Now with us, ISO Certifications is not a rigid task.
  • Get in touch for more details available 24X7 to help our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System?

ISO 22000 Certificate can be implemented by the organization involved in the supply of food chain they are

  • Farmers
  • Additive producers
  • Food processors
  • Providers of machinery related to food process
  • Hotels, catering service providers
  • Food retailers, manufactures, transporters, etc.
How long will the ISO 22000 Certification take?

You can obtain certification within 3-9 months depending upon the nature of your organization and the size of it. Once the standard is set you need to conduct a certification audit by the certified body.

How long does the ISO 22000 Certification last?

ISO 22000 FSMS lasts for 3 years from the issuing date and require annual surveillance and re-certification.

Is ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 same the standard?

NO, ISO 22000 Is an ISO published international standard for Food Safety Management System; whereas FSSC Food Safety System Certification is recognized under the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

What is the difference between ISO 22000 and HACCP?

HACCP works under the principles of CCP Critical Control Point that may hazard food safety. HAACP is a part of ISO 22000 that tries to identify the risk and prevent the hazard from the initial source to plate throughout the process.



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