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Get GOST R Certification from a certified body to build your market in Russia

What is GOST R Marking Certification

If you plan your trade with Russia, you should know and understand the Russian requirement of safety. GOST R Certification is a visa for your goods. It is an obligatory certificate to enter the business of Russia. Your products have to pass Russian standards which are different and mostly not match with the European or International standards. 

On July 07, 1999, the Declaration of Conformity stated the products under Russian Federation Government law. Later the Russian Federation in February of 2010 announced which products are under compulsory certification. The products can be voluntarily certified if they require only a declaration. The certificate obtained is a full authentication of compliance for determined regulations.

It compliances productive assistance and guidance to traders all over the certification process for painless entrance into Russian markets. GOST R Certification has bought a vast number of opportunities and opened the gateway of national and international markets to Russia.

Types of GOST R Marking Certification

Single Shipment Certificates:

This Consignment Certificate’s validity for only one consignment specifies a definite type and amount of product. Its use is limited in that the Exporter will need to provide details of the importer in Russia through a contract or an invoice. It is broadly used by those exporting to Russia occasionally.

Multiple Shipment Certificates:

Multiple shipments certificates are for Serial Production and their validity is for a period (12 months to 5 years) depending on the type of product. To verify the conformity of Russian standards before issuing the certificate, an annual inspection is conducted by Certification Body.


Benefits of GOST R Marking Certification

  1. Access to trade in the Russian market.
  2. Enhance corporate image and market value.
  3. Consumer safety.
  4. Reduces risk of frauds.
  5. Customer satisfaction.
  6. Money and time-saving procedure.

Requirements for GOST R Marking Certification

  1. Name of the product.
  2. Customs HS code.
  3. Detail description/pictures of the product.
  4. Testing and compliance requirements fulfilled for the Product.

Further, if the organization needs to proceed with GOST R, the product must be ISO and CE certified for some cases/products.

If you want to get your goods to be sold in Russia you would require your products to obey the national standards of product quality and safety.


Lists of products mandatory for GOST R Marking Certification

  • Food products.
  • Electrical and electronic products.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Medicinal devices.
  • Machinery.
  • Consumer packaging materials.
  • Household chemicals.

Strength Of Ascent Emirates

  • Ascent imparts correct education and training in achieving GOST R certification.
  • Ascent with more than 18 years of experience guides you through the entire implementation till the achievement of the certificate according to the GOST R directive.
  • Ascent assists exact and through professional training.
  • Ascent is available 24X7 to severe their customer all over the world.
  • Our professionals offer sufficient guidance with a clean-budget and knowledge with no single penny more and no hidden expenses.

Email your business information to the Ascent EMIRATES or make an appointment for a meeting. After evaluating your business we will get you the real cost, involvement patterns, and timelines, for implementing and acquiring GOST R Certification.


Why do we need GOST R Certificate?
GOST R Certification is the gateway for selling our goods and products in Russia for conformity with Russian standards. As various products having GOST R Certification are obligatory. If the imported goods are listed for mandatory certification then it will not be possible for custom clearance without certification.
What is the cost for GOST R Certification in Dubai, UAE?
The cost of certification depends according to the nature of the product to be imported. For more details, Ascent Emirates can guide you with a proper and approximate idea of the cost of certification.
In what language do I have to submit documents for GOST R certification?
Documents description can be accepted in the English language. In some cases, the description is accepted only in the Russian language.
How long GOST R Certificate valid for?
GOST Certificates have validity up to 3years or depending upon the contract for 1, 3, 5 years within the territory of the Russian Federation.
How GOST R certificate's validity extended of existing certificates?
The validity of certificates can be extended. The certificates issued before February 14, 2013, cannot be extended under the amendments made in Legislation.
Is the audit necessary for the GOST R certification?
In some cases, the audit is required under special circumstances. It can be done at a factory level sample test or site audit.
Who provides GOST R Certificates in Dubai, UAE?
Ascent EMIRATES is the best organization in Dubai and UAE. We can help you with proper awareness and training for GOST R Certification in India. We also help in earning the GOST R Certificate with minimal cost and effort with maximum benefits.



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